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At Select Risk Services, we strive to be the Best in Class when it comes to wholesale insurance brokerage in the excess & surplus lines marketplace.  We separate ourselves from the rest by taking a select consultative approach to brokering.  Our execution is a more detail oriented, collaborative, value added service to our carrier and agency partners.  At Select Risk, we structure our broker service teams to optimize speed and accuracy to get our partners what they need, in the time frame they need it.   We identify every team member’s role, who they report to and what tasks they will be held accountable for.  Our extensive training program for all new team members, allows each team member to learn how we manage work flow efficiently and effectively.  In a fast paced, highly transactional business, we understand the need to be able to move quickly without sacrificing quality of performance.  Our brokerage firm differentiates itself from our competitors in that we give our team members all the resources and training they need to be successful and outperform the competition.  Select Risk Services strives to be the best in our industry segment by investing significant time and energy into our organizational structure and personnel. Select Risk does not just solicit market access, we bring exceptional coverage expertise, in depth understanding of the classes of business we entertain, and an unmatched commitment to superior work performance that cultivates a winning combination for our partners.


Industries Served:

· Oil & Gas / Energy

· Environmental

· Residential and Commercial Contracting

· Heavy Crane Construction

· Hospitality

· Real-Estate

· Manufacturing & Distribution

· Trucking

· Engineering & Consulting

· Utility & Industrial

· Marine / Offshore

· Street & Road

· Global Enterprises

At Select Risk Services, we specialize in coverage placements for hard-to-place accounts in the commercial P&C, wholesale E&S insurance market. We have underwriting relationships that are next to none and make certain we invest a considerable amount of time and energy into strengthening old relationships while establishing new ones. Additionally, our brokerage firm strives to create unique, exclusive programs, that differentiate our product offerings from our competitors.  Our niche is oil & gas / energy, environmental & construction, however we write a diverse array of business.  We are multi-line coverage experts that are well equipped to write all lines of an account in a consultative, detailed and strategic manner.


Licensed in TX, LA, MS, AR, OK, NM, AZ, CA, CO, ND & VA. 

Coverage Expertise:

¨ General Liability

¨ Auto

¨ Workers Compensation/EL

¨ Excess & Umbrella Liability

¨ Professional Liability

¨ Maritime & Bumbershoot   Liabilities (including MEL)

¨ Foreign Package

¨ Inland Marine

¨ Property

¨ Motor Truck Cargo

¨ Contractors Pollution Liability

¨ Site Pollution

¨ Products Pollution

¨ Transportation Pollution

¨ Discontinued Products

- Riggers Liability

¨ Hired & Non-Owned Auto

¨ OCIP & CCIP Wraps

¨ Project Specific GL

¨ Builders Risk

¨ Auto PD only

¨ Liquor Liability

¨ Control of Well / OEE

- Railroad Protective 

- Bob-Tail

+ many more!

Mission Statement


Create loyal partnerships through a disciplined approach of hard work, focus, honor and integrity.


Our goals and commitments are as follows:

- We strive to grow better, not just bigger, by assembling a team of the hardest working and most committed folks in the industry.


- We strive to cultivate the most rewarding long-term relationships in the business.


- We strive to protect every insured’s assets & liabilities in the most sincere and thorough manner while being an exceptional partner to our agents, underwriters and insurance carriers.


- We strive to give back through sponsorships, fund-raisers, donations and volunteering to better serve our community.



Key to Success

Quick, accurate and thorough responses to our partners to allow for the best negotiated rates, coverage, terms and conditions.

We train our brokers to be available to our clients, no matter the time or day.  Do not hesitate to call or email us, day or night, as we welcome your business always, and will make sure to respond as quickly as we can to any business matter. 

Meet The Team

Keith Ross

CEO & Broker

Brandi Ross


James Debenport

Vice President & Broker

George O'Dowd

Associate Broker

Jose Salinas

Account Executive

Sonya Qureshi

Accounting & Technical Assistant

be selective...

We are very selective with whom we partner with and what type of accounts we work.  In short, we do not want to try and be a partner to all your competition both from a carrier and agency standpoint.  Additionally, we will only work accounts we are highly specialized & experienced in placing. Growing deeper, select relationships is our strategy, rather than trying to be everyone’s broker.  Our firm has decades of experience not just in the insurance industry but more importantly working hands on in the industries we specialize in.  For example, the oil & gas industry. This allows us to better understand the exposures that we insure.  Furthermore, we only work a select number of accounts each month which allows us to fully focus on your business.  Our selective approach fosters deeper, more meaningful partnerships with underwriters and agents. Establishing select long-term and rewarding relationships is what we are all about.



tips for selecting your broker of choice...

Every time you consider working with a wholesale broker, ask yourself:

Q: Who do I want negotiating on my behalf?

A: Brokers that completely understand the classes of business that you write and have the industry experience, coverage expertise and  underwriting relationships within that space.

Q: How will this broker be different than almost every other broker?

A: At Select Risk, we provide timely, detailed, problem solving information that allows all parties to communicate effectively and efficiently.  This translates to you receiving optimum quotes that include favorable coverage, terms and conditions at the desired rate & premium in the expected timeframe.

"We serve you better, by being selective..." 

Our team has decades of experience in commercial property & casualty insurance and risk management.

  • We are independently owned & operated which allows us to be nimble and flexible.
  • We focus on a select # of markets & agents which means more quality time spent with you.
  • We are well capitalized for the future with very low debt to asset ratio.
  • We are coverage experts that are in this for the long haul with no near-term exit strategy.
  • We are strategic problem solvers that are detail oriented providing superior service.
  • We respond to our clients quickly and accurately.
  • We will best position you for success!
Passion - Our strong feeling of excitement & enthusiasm for working hard every day to achieve our goals and objectives.
Speed - The ability to respond quickly to our clients' needs.
Accuracy - The quality and ability of our work product to be precise or correct.
Thoroughness - Our attention to detail and ability to handle every account with great care.
Usability - The degree to which our service is efficient & effective.  Ease of use and practicality.
Relationship - The connection between our clients and us and the manner in which we interact with one another regarding respect, integrity, loyalty and trust.


contact us at:

Select Risk Services, Inc.

6575 West Loop South, Suite 470

Bellaire, Texas 77401

Main # (713)589-4747

eFax # 1-877-244-6752


Team Contact Information:

Keith Ross - CEO & Broker


Brandi Ross - CFO & HR 


James Debenport - VP & Broker


George O'Dowd - Associate Broker



Jose Salinas - Account Executive 


Sonya Qureshi - Accounting & Technical Assistant 


If you are an agent or underwriter and want information regarding the “Select Approach” (our competitive advantage), please inquire about receiving our marketing brochure that will give you the specifics on our consultative approach. 


We are always looking for qualified candidates to expand our current broker and support team.


Please submit resumes to:  

Inquire today and we look forward to hearing from you!



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